cennik księgowośćWe set the price of each client individually. Prices depend on, among other things:

  • forms of taxation,
  • legal form,
  • amount of accounting documents and their complexity,
  • the number of employees,
  • the type of business (eg. Trade, production, services),
  • whether the customer is a VAT payer,
  • individual customer needs,

We assist our clients in setting up a business for free. Anyone who chooses to use our services has the assistance in business registration: CEIDG, ZUS and US. We fill all the necessary documents on the basis of the data submitted to us and we submit the relevant forms to the appropriate authorities. We advise how to choose the form of taxation.

Those who decide to change the office and choose our services will receive a 50% discount from the standard price of the service book for two months.

Approximate net prices:

Basic services

  • bookkeeping for legal entities from PLN 500,
  • tax revenue and expense ledger from PLN 150,
  • a lump sum, tax card from PLN 100.

HR & payroll services

  • contract of employment with the personal files of PLN 40 / person,
  • payroll without conducting employee files from PLN 30 / person,
  • settlement of civil law contracts, without social insurance from PLN 30 / person.

Additional services