Tax advisory

We pay the special attention to a fair tax advice. We provide advices on optimization and tax planning, as well as we can develop the optimal tax structure of commercial transactions. As part of related parties transactions we advise clients how to collect the appropriate tax documentations necessary to reduce and manage the tax risk.

For our clients we undertake in particular the following work:

Tax services

  • ongoing tax supervision,
  • tax audits,
  • issuing tax opinions, drafting requests of interpretation,
  • conducting litigation proceedings with tax authorities and UKS,
  • other matters according to individual needs.

Tax Planning and Tax Optimization

  • developing effective tax structures for commercial transactions,
  • applying tax depreciation for income tax reduction,
  • the purchase, sale, lease assets with optimal tax burden,
  • use of investment tax credits reducing cost of investment,
  • optimization of retained earnings aspects,
  • complex tax structure including Cash Pool transactions, negotiations with banks.

Transfer Pricing

  • preparing documentation for transactions in accordance with the guidelines of tax laws and regulations,
  • planning the commercial transaction for tax risk reduction,
  • audit of transactions between related parties,
  • tax optimization in the field of transfer pricing,
  • conducting tax cases in front of tax authorities.


  • preparing annual tax return PIT-37, PIT-38, PIT-28,
  • tax return for foreign income PIT-36,
  • tax declarations of civil law transactions PCC,
  • tax advising on inheritance and donations,
  • rental apartments tax return,
  • conducting tax cases in front of tax authorities.